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When The School Of Performing Arts & Castlewood Teamed Up


When people around the Lebanon Missouri area think about dance studios and schools, they immediately think of The School of Performing Arts. They’ve been in business for decades, and not only have they trained untold numbers of our local youth in a variety of dance styles, but they’ve also helped those same youths develop their social and creative skills while boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Because of this, the level of name recognition they’ve earned in our area, impressive though it is, isn’t exactly surprising.

What is surprising, however, is how much trouble they used to have ranking in the search engines, especially when they were the biggest, oldest, and most well-known dance studio for miles in every direction. You would think such a well-established company with so many previous students and satisfied clients would be all over the local area’s search results, which is also what Diane, the current owner of SPA, thought.

But the truth was far different.


How Castlewood Helped The School Of Performing Arts

SPA already had a website when they contacted us. Of course, unless you knew where to find it, or what it was called, nobody would ever know it was there. The main issue was that, because it was an older and unresponsive site, Google (the only search engine that usually matters), was promoting results for newer but less established dance studios over SPA, to the point where a company that hardly existed in the first place, and had since gone out of business, was showing up on the first page of results, while SPA, despite its track record, was hidden multiple pages back.

Needless to say, Diane wasn’t thrilled about this situation, though it did make her realize she needed some professional help. After examining her options, she decided her best bet was to go with Castlewood.

After looking at SPA’s situation, we knew we had some work ahead of us. We needed to update her website’s platform, install security and performance improvements, create an attractive new theme, write and modify content, judiciously apply appropriate keywords, and implement a spreadsheet-connected registration form to simplify the student enrollment process. While doing so, we also spent time with Diane, both on the phone and in person, talking over content and layout decisions, fine-tuning keywords and navigation, and helping her get the most out of her enrollment form and her website.

Improving SPA’s website and search rankings took a fair bit of work, but in the end, we felt confident that once the new website was complete, people and Google both would start paying a lot more attention to it than they used to.

Right about now you’re probably wondering if all our efforts paid off, and if the trust Diane placed in Castlewood proved to be a wise decision. If so, then Google “Dance Studio Lebanon Mo”, and see for yourself. Or, just take my word for it: SPA is where it deserves to be, right at the top of the first page.

Now it’s your turn.

Does your business need a professional-level website, or even just some help with online marketing? Do you want fast and friendly customer service, or to work with someone you can trust with your company’s website, and not some fly-by-night thief telling people they’re a “web designer?

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